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Cut to length line SL 2000 × 6.0 mm

The line installed in Italy has the following features: Material:                    Carbon steel Thickness:               1.5 – 6.00 mm Width:                 600 – 2.000 mm Speed:                           20 m / mm Max sheet length         8.000 mm

Straightner line and deburring machine SL 10 × 120 mm

he line installed in Italy has the following features: Material :                Stainless steel Thickness:               3.00 – 10 mm Width:                      10 – 120 mm Max speed:              150 m / min The line is able to flatness on every sides the bars and changer the edge.


Established in 2005, Istanbul BORU Fair is an influential industry trading platform that connects suppliers in Middle East and North Africa with decision-makers from around the world who represent a wide range of industries. The fair will feature an array of product zones to address ever-increasing industry demand in the region. The aim is to assist suppliers, distributors and exporters to reach their target customers as well as to cultivate new business relationships in a single location. The fair provides an excellent platform for both exhibitors and visitors to reach their target audience. Companies will have the opportunity to present…

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